How to Potty Train Dogs: Simple but Effective Dog Potty Training Guide

If you want to potty train dogs, you must start by setting them up for success. You must have a positive attitude and be ready to do what it takes to ensure successful potty training. When you have a new dog, you will have many challenges to overcome. Nevertheless, you might not need professional assistance to potty train your dogs but you might need some information to make the task easier.

Have some ground rules

Having some rules can make the potty training process successful. It is important that you supervise your dog closely to avoid accident and to catch the dog in the act. The first rule is never to yell at the dog unless it is facing immediate physical harm or danger. If you catch the dog eliminating at the wrong place, say something that will make it realize that it is doing something wrong. For instance, you can say “no, no, no,” and take the dog out to the toilet area immediately. Yelling at the dog makes it think that going potty is wrong and consider you scary. Eventually, the dog will grow to distrust and fear you and always hide whenever an accident occurs. The second rule is to reward the puppy for doing it right. Congratulate the dog for alerting you whenever it wants to go out. For instance, you can tell the dog, “good boy” for alerting you. When it goes potty outside, give it a treat. This will enable the dog to develop the desirable behavior with time. Repetition should also be part of the rule because this will also set it up for success.Follow us on our youtube video  keep schedule and entail taking the dog to the training pad in the morning first thing, after meals, after a nap and after a playing session


You should have a feeding schedule for your dogs. Determine the right time to give your dog water and food. Leaving the dog with meals throughout the day is seeking trouble. Therefore, allow your dog to have food and water on a schedule basis. When the dog knows when it will get food will enable you to predict when it will need to go out for a potty break.

Crate training

Using a crate is one of the best ways of training a dog to potty. A crate acts as a small, comfortable and secure place for your dog. The crate should provide adequate space for the dog to turn around and stand up. Leaving too much room for the dog will make it go potty inside the crate. Therefore, have a crate with a space that is enough for the dog and increase the space as the dog grows.

Supervise the dog properly

When in the crate, the dog will learn to alert you when it wants to go potty. For instance, the dog can whine, scratch, circle or make some noise. Supervise the dog closely to notice such signs and take it out to potty. Supervising your dog will enable you to come up with a proper schedule for feeding it and taking it out to eliminate. Basically, you can potty train dogs with ease by following this simple guide.